Нам потрібні волонтери / Volunteers Needed

If you want to be a volunteer, please click here to fill out the form, and we’ll contact you when we find a suitable role for you / Якщо ви хочете нам допомогти, будь ласка, заповніть цю форму і з вами зв’яжуться.

Mummy's Meals On Wheels - has been set up to provide support to hosts of Ukrainian families. If you are a volunteer and would like to volunteer to provide one meal a week to a family in your area please register and accept the rules. If you are a host and would like to receive a home-cooked meal weekly to give you a night off, join the group and post what area you are in, and hopefully we will have a volunteer in your area.

Facebook group for women in Ireland helping Ukrainian mothers and children. They already organized 4 events for kids. They're working with 4 hotels hosting the refugees.

Ми дуже дякуємо всім за допомогу! Ми отримуємо багато запитів - Ви хочете робити ще більше!

У нас є телеграм канал на якому багато корисної інформації. Більше про наші ТГ канали тут


Thank you everyone for your help! We receive lots of requests because you want to do more!

We have a telegram channel with a lot of useful information. More about our TG channels here